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Al-Aqsa Mosque.

Arab Culture

The cultural contributions to the world are innumerable. It is important to note, however, that there is no single “Arab Culture,” rather a large variety of cultures spread throughout the region that have many similarities but countless differences between them. We would like to offer a mere glimpse into the variety of cultures in the region and their many contributions. On this site you can learn about the different languages and dialects, religions, arts & crafts, and cuisines.

Probably the two most important similarities shared are family and hospitality. The family represents the heritage and future of every culture and society, and this is particularly valued in the Arab world. Several generations of a family will frequently live in the same village, neighborhood, and home. Arab hospitality is legendary, and the tradition carries on today even in the most urban and cosmopolitan cities of the region. Guests are always made to feel welcome, and often tea, coffee, and food are prepared for visitors, who are generally accepted as part of the family.

A rich cultural heritage is clearly evident in the variety and quality of regional arts and crafts. Typical artistic forms include embroidery, ceramics, wood carving, inlaid wood designs, calligraphy, hammered metalwork, blown glassworks, and in some areas handmade soaps and cosmetics.


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